Latest Bid Opportunities

Solicitation Title
Coastal Police Boats
Scope: 2 EA of 29.5’ RHIB rigid-hulled inflatable boat Beam PU polyurethane 10', maximum eight (08) Crew/Passengers, Draft 3’, fuel Capacity 200 gallons with commercial 4 Stroke Yamaha/Suzuki/Mercury 250HP Engine.; Rifle rack to support six (06) persons; Two (02) Commercial 4 Stroke Yamaha/Suzuki/Mercury 250HP Engine per boat; Marine Head – portable with mount in forward cuddy; Loud Hailer System; Anti-Fouling Paint; Base color Paint Package; Offshore outfit kit; Docking kit; Aluminum Expandable Boat Hook; Anchor Kit; EPIRB; Floatation Devices – six (06) Type I (3 Medium and 3 Large) and six (06) Type II (3 Large and 3 Extra Large) floatation devices per boat; Siren LE PW with 119 decibels; VHF Radio; Navigation System - complete navigation system to include integrated radar, chart plotter, display, depth sounder, GPS, and chart card with two (02) redundant multifunction displays, magnetic compass with dimmable back lightening display; Law Enforcement Lights - Blue Law Enforcement Flashing LED lights Whelm 2015; Search Lights - hand held search light with 500,000 candle power one remote controlled light with control panel mounted at helm.
Roof Replacement
Scope: Selective removal of existing clay tile roof covering, gutters, down pipes and horizontal battens to existing wood deck and frame structure; repair of damaged or deteriorated wood structural elements; installation of new dimensional wood decking on existing wood framing; installation of new self-adhered underlayment; installation of 2-way wood batten system; installation of new clay tile roof covering; installation of new copper and stainless-steel metal flashings at ridges/hips, valleys, perimeters, and penetrations; selective replacement of wood fascia board, eaves, and soffits; painting of fascia board, eaves, and soffits; reinstallation of existing metal gutters and downspouts.
RFP - Support CARICOM in the Regional Essential Services Package Community of Practice
Scope: Provision of a qualified nongovernmental organization (NGO) /institution or company to support CARICOM in integrating Police and Justice Standards in the CoP in the framework of the multisectoral response to end VAWG/FV.
Maintenance Kit, Aircraft
Scope: Procurement for maintenance kit, aircraft, NSN 4920016875562, qty 5 ea
Supply of One (1) Plasma System for Gasification Process
Scope: Supply of one (1) plasma system for gasification process.
Long Term Agreement (LTA) for Press Office Service
Scope: Provide long term agreement (LTA) for press office service.
Procurement of Communication and Graphic Design Services
Scope: Procurement of Communication and Graphic Design Services through an open offer agreement (BPA).
Purchase of Information Technology 4 projects (CBIT+IRES+COBIMAS+CONSAS)
Scope: Purchase of Information Technology 4 projects (CBIT+IRES+COBIMAS+CONSAS).
Site Relocation Services
Scope: Provide site relocations services.
Analysis of the Productive Potential of Women in the Territories
Scope: Analysis of the productive potential of women in the territories and identification of promising production chains for their participation in local, regional and national markets.
Procurement of High-volume Card Printer Incl. Fulfilment Equipment
Scope: Provide high-volume card printer including fulfilment equipment.
Airport Sustainability Plan Technical Assistance
Scope: Reduce the environmental footprint of the new airport by developing an airport sustainability and energy efficiency plan that complements the existing master plan. The technical assistance will identify and recommend key sustainable areas for the design, construction, and operation of the airport, including with respect to construction methods, waste management and recycling processes, water quality and conservation, air quality and emissions reduction, and airport connectivity and transportation links. The technical assistance will also identify renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to foster airport sustainability, as well as smart technologies to enhance airport operations and passenger and cargo processing. In addition, the technical assistance will assess the incorporation of solar power and other renewable energy resources at the new airport.
RFI - Bilateral Water Activity *CANCELLED*
Scope: Bilateral water activity.
Technical Assistance for the Instituto Rui Barbosa
Scope: Technical assistance to support instituto rui barbosa.
Guidelines for Blue Carbon
Scope: Provide guidelines for blue carbon.
Consulting for Workshops in Urban Trees Management
Scope: Consulting for workshops in urban trees management.
Financial Crimes Advisor
Scope: Financial crimes advisor, FS-02 - $91,475 - $134,334 (equivalent GS-14).
Counternarcotics Program Coordinator
Scope: Counternarcotics program coordinator, FS-02 - $91,475 - $134,334 (equivalent GS-14).
Aircraft Ground Equipment
Scope: 1 ea, aircraft towing vehicle ref. Lektro AP8750CX-ALM; 1; portico crane to lower engines; 1 ea, Cessna 208B tow hook model 01- 1170-0010 Tronair; 1 ea, tow bar Casa 212-100 Cabezal Modelo 01-0531-0000 Tronair. See outside link.
Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist (MELS) Support
Scope: Provide services as a monitoring, evaluation, and learning specialist (MELS) contractor.