Latest Bid Opportunities

Solicitation Title
Apiay Base Operations Support Services
Scope: Base Operations Support Services. Repair and maintenance of facilities and equipment, grounds maintenance, housekeeping/janitorial services, administrative support, property accountability, cargo movement, and management of billeting facilities. The operational support complex consists of 94 billeting rooms, 6 office facilities, 2 kitchens, 2 dayrooms, 10 storage areas, 2 aircraft hangars and other support facilities.
INL 1930.0 400 3L Hydration Packs for Border Police
Scope: To provide 400 3L hydration packs for border police.
Security Services - UN House
Scope: Security services - UN house.
Water Blaster Operator/Maintenance Training
Scope: Operator and Maintenance Training for High Pressure Water Blaster, model UHP 170:2800. Provide an instructor to provide training OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States). Instructor shall provide both operator and maintenance training for up to 25 students. Training shall take place Monday thru Friday between the hours of 0700 and 1800, local time (exact time to be coordinated with the customer). Training shall last no more than 5 days
RFI -Chemical Latrines, Hand Washing Stations, Laundry Service, Shower Trailers, Bulk Water, Container and Trash Pick Up
Scope: Chemical Latrines, Hand Washing Stations, Laundry Service, Shower Trailers, Bulk Water, Container and Trash Pick Up services.
RFP - Low Emission Development Strategy and Action Plan
Scope: Provide low emission development strategy and action plan.
Hiring Consulting To Propose Streamlining Strategies
Scope: Hiring consulting to propose streamlining strategies to taxes on the telecommunications sector in order to expand broadband access and digital inclusion.
Information Technology for Integrated Security Management
Scope: Provide information technology for integrated security management.
Full Food Service Support
Scope: Full Food Service (FFS)and meal support services. Additionally, the Contractor shall provide for Special Events, Migrant Feeding Operations, Commissions Feeding Operations, Special Operations, and Detention Camp areas.
Janitorial Services
Scope: Janitorial Services. Providing janitorial and cleaning services for properties owned or managed by the United States Government as official office and operational space
NOAA Ship Ronald Brown Panama Canal Transit
Scope: NOAA Ship Ronald Brown Panama Canal Transit. Husbanding Agent. Provides, at least 5 days before arrival, a complete listing of documentation required by all Panama authorities involved in the transit, Provides, at least 5 days before arrival, pre-arrival information on local area emergency services including law enforcement, fire, medical, environmental and associated contact points, and regular and after hour call and response procedures, Provides, at least 5 days before arrival, information on local regulations relevant to the crew, and on known security or health risks in the area, Phone communications at least twice daily, 24 hour/7 day availability, Acts as single point of contact for all supplies and services to be received and handles all coordination, scheduling, subcontracting, invoicing and payments
Safety - Equipment - Confined Space
Scope: To provide 1 EA Confined space rescue crane Model Durahoist DH-1/ or equal 1 year full warranty including cost for shipping replacement parts One (1) Year full support for trouble shooting repairs and programing; 1 EA of Monitor multigas (O2, LEL, H2S, CO) & Calibration Kit " Honeywell QRAE3" or equal; 2 EA Blower Coaxial High Capacity 20"; 2 EA Ducting 20", 25' long; 2 EA Allegro Manhole Ventilation Passthru (MVP) 20" or equal;
Acquisition of Playground
Scope: Acquisition of playground.
Acquisition of Nursing Material
Scope: Purchase of nursing material.
Acquisition of Hygiene and Cleaning Material
Scope: Purchase of hygiene and cleaning material.
Acquisition of Furniture / Office Furniture
Scope: Purchase of furniture / office furniture.
Cleaning Supplies
Scope: Purchase of cleaning supplies.
Cryptographic Keys
Scope: Acquisition of cryptographic keys-token.
INL_PR9252072_Tents & Field Equipment
Scope: Tents and field equipment
Provision of Medical Services in an Emergency and Emergency Characters in Mobile Units
Scope: Provision of medical services, on an urgent basis and emergency in mobile units of advanced support or basic support available and properly equipped for 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, including saturdays, sundays and holidays, by the contractor, to all individuals who are exclusively in the contractor's premises.