Latest Bid Opportunities

Solicitation Title
Call for Concept notes
Scope: Civil society organizations and NGO’s to submit concept notes in three priority areas namely: Hydrological and Water management technologies in relation to or supportive of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM); Gender inclusive climate actions to reduce climate vulnerability; Novel Climate Change Information development for vulnerable groups
RFP - Marketplace Watershed Revitalization
Scope: Seeking for watershed revitalization marketplace.
Content Partnership for the Green Commodities Programme & the Good Growth Partnership
Scope: RBLAC invites interested firms to participate in the Content partnership for the Green Commodities Programme & the Good Growth Partnership consultancy.
RFP - Diagnostic Study Indigenous Children
Scope: Diagnostic study indigenous children.
Procurement of 2 Air Conditioning Units, Rooftop Package Type, with Natural Refrigerants
Scope: Procurement of 2 air conditioning units, rooftop package type, with natural refrigerants.
Procurement of Telecommunication Equipment
Scope: 4 Bluetooth speakerphone combing speakers and microphones into one for online conference meetings. Wireless Speakerphone 360°Voice Pick-up 8, Daisy Chain/Use Alone. Noise Cancellation. USB 3.0 connection option. Connection's cable included; 6 Black wireless headset with microphone, USB 3.0 stereo headphones compatible with PC, for iPhone and android phones. Cushioned ear pads padded headphones adjustable and noise cancelling. See attached file.
Research Assistant on Human Mobility
Scope: Work includes technical assistance to support the generation of content and follow-up of existing knowledge products, as well as the formulation of new knowledge products on human mobility, support the participation in regional coordination scenarios.
EOI - JOF Nº 3131/2021
Scope: To make payments and/or financial transfers to multiple beneficiaries, who may hold accounts in different financial institutions, and open checking or payment accounts for great number of individuals, including digital accounts.
Winter Corn Pollination
Scope: Corn winter nursery for increase seed production for growing between October 2021 and April 2022.
Consultant on Human Mobility and Institutional Employability Capacity
Scope: The consultant will support the implementation of the Regional socio-economic integration strategy for migrants from Venezuela through the mapping mentioned in the Objective and the set of recommendations to address the identified barriers. For that mapping, the Consultant will work closely with Minister of Labour and other labour governmental entities, as well as private sector stakeholders, NGO´s and UN Agencies related to labour migration, and of course, Venezuelan migrant workers and Venezuelan migrants seeking for a job. For the mapping, a gender approach will be necessary and a set of recommendations to address the identified barriers.
RFI - Basic Police Operations Training
Scope: Small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) basic police operations training.
Evaluation study of the PPCAM
Scope: Evaluation study of the PPCAM.
RFP - Evaluation Study of the PPCAM
Scope: Work is to carry out an evaluation study of the Protection Program for Children and Adolescents Threatened with Death (PPCAM) in order to produce inputs to improve the referred Program at the national level, in the 16 executing states and in the Federal District.
Wireless Cell Phone Service *SOLE SOURCE*
Scope: Wireless cell service for thirty-seven (37) cell phones (thirteen (13) phones with unlimited data (includes unlimited voice and text) and twenty-four (24) phones with unlimited voice and text).
Reverse Osmosis Project *SOLE SOURCE*
Scope: Reverse osmosis units.
Refurbishment of Building into Maintenance Shops
Scope: Remodeling/renovation of existing structures which will include structural concrete works, masonry, metal roofs, dry walls, electrical, plumbing, hvac, security, communications, and fire protection/life safety systems.
Perimeter Wall and Chain Link Fence Gate Project
Scope: Purchase of construction services for a perimeter wall and chain link fence gate project.
BPA Vehicle Rental
Scope: Lease of commercial vehicles without driver.
Internet & VPN Services
Scope: Internet and VPN services.
Bearing Unit, Roller
Scope: Procurement for bearing unit, roller, NSN 3130011884725, qty 5 ea.