Latest Bid Opportunities

Solicitation Title
Consultancy Service of Regional Expert on Market and Non-Market Approaches
Scope: Consultancy service of Regional Expert on Market and Non-Market Approaches to Support the Implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
Project Assistant
Scope: Seeking a qualified Project Assistant Consultant to support the implementation of the Caribbean Regional Spotlight Programme.
Courtroom and Case Preparation Support Services (CCPSS)
Scope: Provide courtroom and case preparation support services.
Deputy Migration Manager
Scope: Provide personal services as deputy migration manager, $84,546.00 - $109,908.00 equivalent to GS-13.
LES Health and Life Insurance Services
Scope: Health and life insurance services.
Local Guard Services
Scope: Provide local guard services.
Husbanding Agent Port Services
Scope: Husbanding agent port and harbor services.
Agricultural Pollution Study for the Province of Buenos Aires
Scope: Consulting service is to develop a better understanding of key agricultural pollution sources of the MRB and identify policy measures to control environmental impacts from such sources. It is expected that ACUMAR may consider study findings and recommendations of this study in the development and/or refinement of its agricultural pollution management and circular economy development strategies.
DR BESS Load Flow Analysis Study
Scope: The objective of the study is to undertake a load flow analysis of the electricity grid to determine the sizing and siting of solar/wind and energy storage technologies to serve the island's grid utilizing an optimization model that minimizes the equipment costs of the solar/wind and energy storage technologies while providing resilience to the power system in the occurrence of extreme weather events and avoiding further CO2 emissions. To meet its growing electricity demand, the DR intends to auction variable renewable energy (VRE) resources as part of its system expansion plan. Still, it must carefully safeguard its grid's resilience, stability, and security. For this reason, the Superintendency of Electricity (SIE), in collaboration with the system coordinator (OC) and IFC, wants to model the technical and commercial impact of battery energy storage systems (BESS) to complement VRE.
Vehicles Rental With Driver
Scope: To provide vehicles rental with driver; free and unlimited mileage; type of fuel diesel and/or gasoline; type of vehicles sedans and/or suvs and/or 4x4; quantity and availability of the vehicles. The vehicle lease will be for twenty-four (24) hours a day, from april 24 to may 5, 2023, according to with the tentative deployment, approximately 80 vehicles; mounts subject to variation according to the needs of the gs/oas, etc.
Forensic Laboratories Construction
Scope: Construct in its entirety two (2) new forensics labs. The proposed building dimensions shall be approx. 50' x 16'. Each facility will have a lab/office, kitchen, storage, and main area. The structure shall be built on concrete foundations per IBC regulation, and supported by steel reinforced column beam structure, suspended ceiling, metal-framed roof, and concrete block and Plycem walls. The proposed building shall be a commercial design. All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems shall be installed within the walls, floors, shafts, and/or above finished ceilings. Exposed surface mounted plumbing and electrical components will only be approved on a case-by-case basis.
Development Specialist Advisor GS-14
Scope: Development specialist advisor, GS-14 equivalent ($99,908.00 - $129,878.00 per annum).
Contracting Officer
Scope: Contracting officer, $117,518 - $152,771 equivalent to GS-15.
Expert Consultant/Or in the Reinforced Framework of Climate Transparency, In the Report and Information Systems
Scope: Expert consultant/or in the reinforced framework of climate transparency, in the report and information systems.
Aggregate Materials for Morgue Construction
Scope: 64 LT, river sand; 38 LT, weekly transportation and unloading of river sand, 10 cm; 26 LT, weekly transportation and unloading of river sand, 10 CM; 60 LT, factory crushed gravel 3/4". See outside link.
EOI - Assessment for Implementing Electric-mobility for Public Transport
Scope: The scope consists of assessment for implementing electric-mobility for public transport.
EOI - Regulatory and Market Study Bioconversion
Scope: The scope consists of regulatory and market study bioconversion.
Catered Meals/ Bottled Water/ Ice
Scope: Deliver catered meals, bottled water, and ice services.
Scope: Provide 120 ea, Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones.
School Bus Services
Scope: School bus transportation service.